Challenges In Training

Often those who have a sincere desire to study the martial arts are faced with a serious challenge – there is no qualified teacher in their area with the skills and experience to teach them

Many people need to travel large distances in order to get the training that they desire. They often have the mindset that they will do whatever it takes to get the skills and training they need. People who really value excellent training will make whatever sacrifices are necessary in order to obtain it.

Those who think that driving a couple of hours is a real sacrifice should consider the case of a tenth degree Ninjutsu black belt who is required to travel all the way to Japan for further training each year. While many students are upset about needing to spend hundreds of dollars on training each year, trips like this mean that you would have to spend thousands of dollars on training each trip.

It is quite normal for students to travel at least an hour or two to get to the location of a truly gifted teacher. While some of these students may have other instructors nearby, they know that if they really want master of the martial art they need to study with a master who has exceptional skills. These are students who are really devoted to their training.

Those who are not willing to settle for the mediocrity which may be offered at their local schools have a couple of choices in front of them. First, they can just sit back and wait until everything is easy and all their circumstances are right. Second, they can attend martial arts seminars and camps, supplementing these sessions with home videos, books and other articles. Third, they can make the commitment to do whatever it takes to get the high level of training they really desire. This will take some sacrifice, but in the end you will get confidence, power, and control.

Every student of martial arts has a choice to make. They future of their skills and mastery is really in their hands.