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While everyone else is running around with fake plastic costumes you are wearing an authentic reproduction of a Shinobi Shozoku, traditional Ninja outfit. We have many different and authentic martial art costumes. Browse around to find exactly what you were looking for. We now have the white ninja costume as well!

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Authentic Costumes! This is the time of year for kids and adults of all ages and dressing up in the right costume that best personifies your inner self is the best way. So what best represents you on the inside you might ask? Well for some of us it is the secretive and silent but deadly ninja. The majority of people couple ninjas with boys however girls and women can have a very good time getting dressed like a ninja. Because they did have ninja in ancient Japan.

It may seem that ninja clothing is basic but actually you have a couple of different kinds of uniforms. The first is the traditional ninja uniform that is used when out on a mission. It has hidden pockets and such along with forearm guards and ties on the pant leg. Now the modern ninja uniform is a suit that you wear while training for a mission. These come in multiple colors such as red, blue, black and white (for winter training).

Some other awesome things concerning ninja warriors are definitely the accessories. You will find rubber throwing stars, nunchucks and all sorts of bokkens and swords. Ninjas are a blast for kids and adults. Being a ninja warrior can definitely help to make Halloween fun.